by adg on Wed Dec 05, 2018 8:49 am
Out of the cold snowy weather and back again along the Indian River! What a difference a day makes. Arrived late last night at the old CrabHouse in Roseland, FL and ready for the cement salt water pond as soon as the sun warms up the morning chill. Got my coffee in hand. I've been away from here for about 6 months as we traveled around the country finishing up our Re:Generation Tour and began the last year of our Alice's Restaurant - Back By Popular Demand Tour. Everyone in the band and crew are now home for the holidays, and I'm finally back on the river until we pick the tour up again in mid January.

This morning I rambled onto the deck over-looking the river. No big sunrise pix, just another day breathing the humid river air, and being thankful to be able to trade in the old boots for some sandals (if that). One of the reasons I love being on the river, unlike the ocean, is that there's all kinds of creatures in plain sight. In the coming weeks I'll be stalking them with a camera or two. If I capture something interesting I'll share it with anyone interested, as I have to assume anyone reading this falls into the mildly interested category of friends.

Unlike FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram or anything like the huge social media sites, arlo.net is much much personal and uniquely us and has been around longer than anything else out there. The mildly curious don't show up here very often. In fact most folks elsewhere don't even know this exists.

So, here we are. The year is coming to a close as the holidays are upon us - Happy Chanuka, Merry Christmas, and yippie to everyone finding something to celebrate. I love holidays of any kind. As far as I'm concerned we need as many reasons to celebrate as we can find. And that's my only immediate plan. Next up: Celebrate more coffee. Then everybody into the pool! A few weeks of this and I'll be ready to get back to the work of saving the world. For the moment, the work will be in your hands. Be well, stay happy and have fun.

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