Back On The River
by adg on Sat Dec 08, 2018 8:20 am
December 8, 2018 - Roseland, FL

I'm back on the river in Roseland (Sebastian), FL for a few weeks break during the holidays. This morning I had the two things I enjoy most - a camera and a cup of decent coffee - In hand. I was going through the notes, messages, emails etc. as I do every morning, looked up from my desk, and grabbed the nearest camera, ran out onto the deck and grabbed a few pix before it all went away.

That was an hour or so ago. There was an update to the computer that left me wandering around while it took about 45 minutes to complete. By the time it was ready to roll, the day had become more normal. So I'm here with another cup of bliss, an updated desktop, and a bunch of little cameras I've collected over the years. All the good equipment is on the tour bus on the other side of the state. But, even the cheap cameras these days take awesome pictures. The phones we generally have these days take better photos than the actual digital cameras we had a couple of decades ago. It's an amazing thing.

I took photography lessons when I was a kid, and learned how to develop film, and make prints. Manny Lebensfeld was my first teacher, and we fooled around in his garage learning about cameras, film and all the associated stuff. That was about 60 years ago. A lot has changed, but I've kept up my obsession with cameras, and photos. Still at it, still learning, still having fun.

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