We're OFF and Running (or not)
by adg on Sun Feb 24, 2019 8:55 am
But, we're definitely taking a couple of weeks downtime. Getting through the last leg of the current tour was easy, and really fun, for the most part. We played in some gorgeous venues, and the road has been kind. The band and crew all sailed back to the northeast, and I will head to the southeast shortly after visiting family and friends in Austin, TX.

I'm looking at local temperatures on my cell phone, and thrilled to see that it'll be quite warm at my home in Florida. After almost 2 months of being cooped up in a 45' tin can, I'm ready for some hot sun, cool water, and ocean breezes. throw in a decent cup of coffee in the morning, and an iced drink in the afternoon... OMG yes.

I don't know about the band, but my voice can definitely use a break. I was getting a little raspy there for the last week or so, even though most people seemed to think I sounded that way to begin with. Whatever, it'll soon be restored to its normal familiarity. That and a few cameras to keep me busy will be the only work i have to do for 2 whole weeks. It's like Spring Break for old folksingers.

Look out world! We'll be back....
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