Happy Merry Everything 2022
by adg on Sat Dec 10, 2022 5:49 pm
Well we finally made it home to Florida. It's warmer for sure. There's green leaves on the trees, and sunny blue skies. The usual. The Thanksgiving season is over and we're approaching the winter holidays. My neighbors here have plastic Santas dressed for winter - It's kind of odd, but I get it. Folks down here get cold when the temperature drops below 50 degrees (F). It sorta keeps a smile on your face. People get acclimatized pretty quickly. 50 would be t-shirt weather on the farm about now. It's a bigger world than we imagine sometimes. We've been kinda stuck up north for longer than we intended, but now we're making the rounds to our favorite people and places, doing everything we missed.

Most holidays are dependent upon what part of the world you're in. Countries have their own, regions, and local communities do their own thing uniquely theirs. So it's kind of wonderful to note that the holidays coming up are world-wide.

So wherever you are, however you celebrate, or whatever you celebrate - I'm with you. I wish everyone reading this a joyous time, and look forward to seeing you somewhere sometime. Happy Merry Everything!

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